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What is the 2605 Market Place Report?
By: Jack Wilson
February 17, 2022

At Cream Residential we pride ourselves on being locals and sharing useful knowledge with our fellow 2605 residents to provide the tools and information to approach the most daunting of decisions – SELLING YOUR HOME.

Previously this was a hard copy, an A5 booklet that was printed and delivered to your letterboxes but due to the ever-changing climate, processing times and the digital age, we saw an opportunity to deliver this information to you in a more accessible and timely manner.

If you would like to receive our Quarterly 2605 Postcode Market Place Report, simply submit the form below and we will send it out to you. In this report you will see;

  • all sales across the suburbs of Hughes, Garran and Curtin for the last 3 months;
  • a little more information on the selling process and some tips on how to maximise your return, and;
  • a special offer that is not to be missed.
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Jack Wilson
A recent long term career as a professional sportsperson has encompassed experience from industry leaders and business...
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